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“Congratulations, you are the first of the throw away generation” These were the words my lecturer used to address and introduce my first year as a fashion student.

Nearly 2 decades on, I have never forgotten these words that became so true.

After studying Textile design and technology I went on to study Fashion design, graduating with my second degree in 2003, I joined the industry in 2004 as a fashion and textile designer and developer and have been apart of this industry in one form or another since then.

Fashion is one of the most wasteful and environmentally damaging products in our world today, I have seen it through my experience. This industry is my passion, it has been since I was little, but it needs to change and we need to change.

In making Fay and Phable I decided not to add to the fuel of our throw away generation.

I wanted to create something special, not only in the luxury and responsibility that the wearer felt when wearing the product, but also in the experiences

and memories they make when wearing it.


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The concept of Fay and Phable was formed through the experience and the memories I share at bedtime with my daughter. Reading bedtime stories to my little girl, in our Pyjamas, every night since she was 10 months old is one of the most precious times I value and we still share together.


Each collection produced houses a series of limited-edition prints and styles, as well as a short story so that you too may create your own memories with your children.


I draw the inspiration for my textiles, designs and stories from the native flora and fauna found in Australia.

Designed for comfort and effortless wear, these luxurious products also focus on a more sustainable future.

They are crafted using sustainable and responsibly sourced, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, sourced through the USA and Germany and sewn using 100% Organic cotton thread.

Printed fabrics are digitally printed using an eco-friendly process, that uses no water and produces very little waste, and all inks are OEKO Tex 100% certified safe.


I create and craft each piece with love and a focus on luxury, limited edition, good quality organic clothing.

All designs inclusive of pattern, textile and garment, are original designs and are exclusive to Fay & Phable.


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Saying “NO” to silk! Although luxurious, silk is not sustainable or environmentally friendly and above all the predominant method in which the silk is harvested is cruel! Therefore, I say NO to silk.

Instead product is made from a very high-quality organic cotton. With most of the product fabric being a sateen weave. The nature of this fabric allows it to offer the luxury of a silk satin finish, soft to the touch with a beautiful subtle sheen.


It’s a sophisticated choice without the cruelty.  

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