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What is Premiére Vision?

I like to think of fashion as circular, there is never really an end, one aspect seems to lead into another which in turn starts another. But if you must have a starting point for the industry it would probably be an event like Premiére Vision.

Premiére Vision is an event that is at the very front of fashion and has been in operation since 1973. It is an important global contributor to the fashion industry as a whole.

So, what exactly is it?

To put it simply it is an event that forecasts ahead 2 years into the future of fashion.

Yup the cloths in store now, that we think are the ‘latest fashion trends’ are not, they were already predetermined 2 years ago by global entities that consists of trend forecasting companies that exhibit at events such as Premiére Vision, but it is far more than just this.

It offers all the resources, all in one location, needed to build the most cutting-edge collections of ready-to-wear garments, from leather goods and fabric’s to shoes and fantasy jewellery. Its purpose, to assist fashion professionals in the development of their collections.

It brings together companies that are leaders in their fields from within the fashion industry, like the 200-year-old textile mill mentioned in a previous post and forecasters like Worth Global Style Network known as WGSN, that has been trend forecasting for more than 20 years, all under “one roof” so to speak.

How big is it?

The Paris-Nord Villepinte, is Frances largest exhibition complex and is around 360,000 sq. m

The exhibition is broken down into its categories and is spread over 6 halls. There’s a denim hall, a knit hall, a hall dedicated entirely to the trim components that make up the garments, from buttons, to lace, to new methods of graphic applications, there is so much on display you cannot dream to cover it all in the 3 days.


It was an absolute dream to have been able to experience it. This was something I had wanted to attend since my study days and to be at the Paris event ‘EEEEKKKK’ Talk about a kid in a candy warehouse!

Anyone can register for a ticket, but whether you will be able to purchase one and gain access to the exhibitor’s stalls is an entirely different question and under no circumstances are photos permitted.

Exhibitors are weary of newcomers and rightfully so. They are protecting their lively hood being at the forefront of trend innovation and forecasting is key to their success and more importantly to their survival. They watch for visitors looking to steal their innovation.

Fast fashion brands are not welcome here!

Fast fashion is not a creator of trends it is a consumer of them!

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