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The Inspiration Behind The Print

When my partner and I first immigrated to Australia, we arrived with literally nothing more than the 2 suitcases we carried, no family, no friends, no place to stay and no guarantee of a job. Honestly this was the biggest and probably scariest thing I had done in my life up until then!

The hardest part was that we were on our own and we spent over a month living in hotel rooms bouncing from one hotel to another, just trying to find our feet. One morning, about 2/3rd of the way through our first month, while sitting in the indoor breakfast area of a hotel, through the window perched so proud, on a chair outside, was the biggest kookaburra I had ever seen. Admittedly it was the first one I had seen up close, but still to this day it is still the biggest one I have seen, it was amazing!

Every time I see a kookaburra or hear its laughing call I am reminded of that time and the fact that I am so proud to call Australia my home.

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