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The Heather Brown Story

In the 1980’s Heather Brown studied fashion design at Sydney College of the Arts. From her studio she designed collections freelance and under her own label, Flute, which focused on party dresses.  It was a successful business which continued on after the birth of her first child, Gabi. Unfortunately, after the birth of her second child in 1995, Heather became ill and sold her business. In 2005, when her two children were safely settled in primary school, Heather started her second label; Watson Brown. 

Unfortunately, Heather had a severe relapse in her health and had to give up on fashion design before her first Watson Brown collection sold. The beautiful silk pieces that she had designed and had made ethically in Australia by her machinist Jimmy were packed away in her garden studio. They sat there until Gabi, now well into adulthood, rediscovered these beautiful vintage pieces she was finally big enough to wear. 

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